AdSight Pro Review – AdSight PRO ‘Facebook Targeting Software’ + Commercial Rights…

AdSight Pro Review

AdSight PRO ‘Facebook Targeting Software’ + Commercial Rights…

AdSight Pro Review – Introduction

AdSight Pro

Welcome Back with AdSight Pro Review

Do you want to immediately improve the results you get from your Facebook Advertising?

To target audiences that have a genuine interest in what it is that you’re selling…

…all while generating more clicks for a lower price?

It’s now possible with a brand new software called: AdSight PRO

AdSight PRO has been approved by Facebook to use ‘Hidden’ data…

…this combined with a number of search engines built into the software allows you to find much more specific audiences to target FAST!

Within seconds you can uncover brand new Facebook Ad opportunities your competition don’t know about and won’t be advertising to.

AdSight Pro Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Sam Bakker
  • Product: AdSight Pro
  • Launch Date: 2019-Oct-01
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $37
  • Niche: Software & Tools
  • Refund:    YES, 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Bonuses:    YES, HUGE BONUS
  • Official site:  Click here
  • Recommended:    Highly Recommended

AdSight Pro Review – What Is AdSight Pro?

AdSight PRO leverages the latest data within Facebook’s new updated API. It’s Facebook
Approved and includes a slick easy to use interface that makes Facebook Ad Targeting
A breeze.

AdSight Pro Review – About the Creator?

Sam Bakker is well known for his high quality internet marketing software products, in particular software as a service. Sam often cooperates with product developers to help them market their software with his expertise and contacts. he has been in the internet marketing space for the past 7 years testing and trialling new ideas and theories with my own websites and the larger clients which I work with.

Sam has experimented with many different parts of internet marketing but most recently my focus has turned to SEO and social media marketing, ensuring his clients’ businesses become number 1 in their selected field online.

AdSight Pro Review – Features & Benefits?

Businesses are spending thousands of dollars every month on Facebook ads. These businesses are using the data Facebook provides.

Businesses are spending tens of thousands of dollars trying to target their audiences. You can send them the exact audiences they should be targeting and charge them for the data. With AdSightPro you’re getting commercial rights. That means you can either sell the data you grab from within AdSightPro or use it when you run ads for clients.

Easy To Use Intuitive Interface

Once you login you’ll see how easy this software is. Within a couple of clicks you have Facebook’s very best data at your fingertips. Navigate through the data using our clean and intuitive interface.

AdSight Pro Review

Unlock Interests Data

AdSight Pro Review

Access the largest group of interests data on earth. Navigate through different keywords and acquire lists of Facebook users who have expressed interests in a range of different topics. Select from a wide range of suggestions and dig deep into peoples interests to find the very best and most accurate targeting data.

Unlock Behavioural Data

AdSight Pro Review

At your fingertips you can now have the best behavioural data available. Search based on what peoples behaviours are on the platform. What ads they click on, what websites they visit and how they behave within Facebook. You can target people with ads based on the topics they’ve shown interest in based on their behaviour.

Dig Deeper Into Each Audience

AdSight Pro Review

You can conduct further research and dig deeper into the interests data you find. Search through Facebook & Google to find more opportunities and to get more familiar with the data that you locate.

Select & Copy The Exact Audiences You Want To Target

AdSight Pro Review

Tick which audiences you want to target, compile a list then copy the entire list within 1 click. Save audiences for the future and keep track of which audienes you’ve already saved and advertised to.

Find Highly Targeted Audiences In Any Language

Tap into Facebook’s very best data to uncover the very best audiences in ANY language. Find the top interests and behavioral data for whatever language you’re targeting.

Finely Tune Your Results & Find Valuable Audiences Fast

Instantly find the most precise audiences you can target. Search results can now be finely tuned to present the most relevant and useful data possible. Easily filter search results by popularity or name.

Research Audiences Deeper

AdSight PRO opens audiences up allowing you to effortlessly Clickthrough and conduct additional research through both Facebook & Google.

Within one click you can be taken to Facebook & Googles interests data within the Facebook graph. This can help you to find additional ideas for audience searches and develop a better understanding of who you’re targeting within your ads.

Export to CSV and store the data

Within 1 click export your data to CSV ready for importing into Facebook’s ad manager or sending off to a business who’s paying you for the data.

AdSight Pro Review – How Does AdSight Pro Work?

Profitable Facebook Ads in 4 simple steps:

#1: Discover: The very best interests & behavioural data available

#2: Filter: Your data and select the exact audiences you want to target

#3: Apply: With one click copy all of the best keywords for your ads and paste them into Facebooks system

#4: Profit: Instantly drive better audiences to your ads, get cheaper clicks from Facebook and make more money with better data.


Learn More About This Product Modern

AdSight Pro Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

AdSight PRO has been developed from the ground up. It has a wide range of features that help people to better targeting audiences over Facebook.

Right now if your audience is using Facebook’s Targeting system they are wasting money on untargeted audiences. This is because Facebook only shows the first 20 – 30 results within their targeting options.

With AdSight PRO Your customers will be able to login to the software and find thousands of Highly targeted audiences they could never find within Facebook’s

This will help them to better reach their audiences, spend less on ads and make more money from their and their clients advertising campaigns.

This also includes a commercial license for a one time fee. Users can use the fata they find within AdSight PRO with Their clients or sell the data to businesses for profit.

AdSight Pro Review – Who Should Buy AdSight Pro?

  • Marketers with multiple stores, affiliate sites, and product sites
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Business Owners
  • E-com Store Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Bloggers

AdSight Pro Review – Pros & Cons

  • Save money on ad costs
  • Find better audiences to target
  • Get a higher clickthrough rate from your ads
  • Save time on testing your ads
  • Easy to use & Affordable Price
  • 100% Control on Your Business
  • Become profitable much faster with your Facebook ad campaigns
  • No monthly fees required
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • There is none until now.

AdSight Pro Review – Price and Evaluation?

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER, you can grab AdSight Pro with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Launch Opening:
1st October 11am EST:
Commercial License Coupon: adsight10 ($10 OFF)

1st October 3pm EST:
Price increase to $39.95 (Coupon still available)

1st October 11:59pm EST:
Coupon Expires New Coupon Introduced: adsight9 ($9 OFF)

2nd October 11:59pm EST
Coupon Expires New Coupon Introduced: adsight5 ($5 OFF)

4th October 11:59pm EST
Coupon Expires, launch closes

After the official launch closes we will be taking AdSight off the market for 2 – 3 weeks and then re-opening as an evergreen product.

And will be continually updating the software with new features, improvements and making it more intuitive.

Front-end – $37 starting >> More Details <<

– Explore Interests & Behaviour in different languages
– Copy to Clipboard
– Download as CSV
– Go to Facebook & Google for shows results for that Keyword
– See keywords along with Audience Size attached to that Keyword
– Sort by Audience Size and Keyword
– Add Multiple Interests
– Commercial License

OTO 1 – $67 starting >> More Details <<

– Software suggests Similar Keywords and searches by them
– Research Keyword with large audience size (over 500K)
– Save selected targeting for later use
– Apply to AdSet directly from the app.
– Layering of targeting
– Apply already saved interests/behaviour to an AdSet without doing research again
– Manage Unlimited Ad Accounts
– Manage Unlimited Ad Campaigns
– Manage Unlimited AdSets
– Drag & Drop interests/behaviours between layers.
– Create unlimited layers
– Apply multiple layers directly from the app

OTO 2 (Agency) – $67 starting >> More Details <<

– Create team member accounts
– Project Folders
– Ability to use the app in other supported languages (German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French)
– The software scans your unlimited ad accounts and informs you informs you in advance if any of your Ads are going to be stopped by Facebook in future.
– Software informs you via email about any action you need to take
– Direct link to the AdSet where you need to action to fix the AdSet.
– Supply reports to clients
– Fully automated, set it once and forget.

OTO 3 (Canvas) – $47 starting >> More Details <<

– Canvas Software
– Facebook Image Ads Pack
– Facebook Video Ads Pack
– Commercial License

OTO 4 (Reseller) – $97 starting >> More Details <<

– Reseller License
– 100% commissions
– Use the professionally designed marketing material
– Sales Pages
– Sales Videos
– Email Swipes

Please Don’t buy OTOs lonely, you will receive nothing and it takes your time to request for a refund so you must buy FRONT-END firstly after that buy UPSELLS if you want.

AdSight Pro Review – Conclusion

In fact, if you do ANY kind of Facebook advertising for your business or your client’s businesses then this software is a ‘must have’.

In short: When you use Facebook Ad Manager for targeting you’re probably losing money on your campaigns.

This means it becomes very difficult to run a profitable ad campaign.

AdSight PRO is the SOLUTION:

AdSight PRO plugs into a special backdoor within Facebook’s system that allows you to get access to Facebook’s very best targeting data.

This combined with a number of specifically programmed search algorithms that deliver the very best targeting audiences FAST.

Means that AdSight PRO makes Facebook advertising easier than ever before.

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