How to Make a Passive Income With Dropshipping Online (Best way)

Make a Passive Income With Dropshipping this is the main topic Do you know that Some people they want to get extra money from online even some of them left original work ,because they are earn more money in online more than work in real life and in less time so in this blog I would to talk about best way to make passive income online. In my experience for more than five years, there are sites and methods that are useless and waste your time and effort so I will give you the things that work hard in their fields. You will get money because many of the people I know work in these fields and earn thousands of dollars and more per month but you will need work hard at first and then everything will be easy for you

1 – Dropshipping

It’s kind of E-commerce that will use a popular site like as AliExpress, Alibaba or any supplier then brought products from them with a cheap price after that sale it in your store at a higher price but within reasonable (example: phone case with price 5$ in Aliexpress store I will take it and put in my store ,but you need to increase price to 10$ so when people who want buy from your store they will paid 10$ OK what should you do now ! just go to Aliexpress and buy phone case and send it to Customer address and so on you earn 5$ . (notice: You will sell large quantities and have a bigger profit and will definitely choose more than one product. this example to understand the idea)

so for suppose my x store for me I will earn 10$ everyone buy from my store imagine 10 person who buy 10 of products  at least so you will earn 100$ per day I know you have many question now why the people will buy from my store and don’t go to buy from aliexpress ? How I can make a store with a good design, Payment methods and so on ? How I can get traffic to my stores because if you get more traffic ,you will have chance to get more sales

Why the people will buy from my store and don’t go to buy from ِِِِِِAliexpress ?

  • because almost of people are lazy and sometimes can’t do research about the product. the important point don’t think all people know dropshipping . I’m before 2 years ago when I see something like me either mic or accessories … etc I was buy it from dropshipping store  because I don’t know what is dropshipping ! and if you change of description of product and do some magic on title in this method the customer He will find it difficult to find the product in other stores even if he wants to search So do not worry about that.

How I can make a store with a good design, Payment methods and so on?

  • Yes everybody think to create store he need a programmer and designer and who will investment a lot of money for that at first ,but that many platforms they will do this only for you and the best of these platforms is the shopify. This platform will provide you with everything that goes on in your mind and support most of the sites that deal with this area only monthly $ 30 and the first 14 days free to get a general idea of how to deal with it and this amount is little after work in this area compared to what you will earn

How I can get traffic to my stores  to get sales ?

  • We can talk this point is the most difficult ,but don’t worry there are many method to get traffic to your store and I will give you the strong way and more than easy currently and this during social network Pinterest. Ok if you don’t know what is Pinterset? not problem just watch this video below

after you understand the principle of Pinterest make a business account it’s free and go to the famous group or we called it in Pinterest (board) at least 1000 followers in your niche

then take your time with doing research in a situation board and contact with admin to join in group look at the picture bellow

the black arrow : here the admins of group contact with him for example you can send message like this :

Today I’m found Your Pinterest group board and I like it (Name of Board) so I would like to join in. I love golf and it’s my favourite sports and I would sharing my favourite info about golf and everything will like the followers
Your Pinterest Url is :

Have a good day / regards

( Your Name )

try that with a lot of group even to ensure a lot of traffic

the blue rectangle: right now I’m found this group do some sell golf accessories and this is the form of the sales page almost

the important issue should be cared on it when you got accepted on board .I advice you to share info about niche in our example I should share some tips or info about golf even admin will not thought just your purpose earn money ,however 2-3 pins per day will don’t take a lot of your time and specificly when you share something like you or you mastered it finally always do research on product for women because the ratio of them 70% almost.

this is so enough to start earn money with no investment and a little of effort I would give you something optional maybe increase your sell and it’s Pinterest Shopify App this tool can Add Pinterest Buyable Pins to your Shopify Store so the customer can buy any items without go out from Pinterest also make resize for product photo to be more attractive

in other hand you can make your own boards and increase the followers At first you will see that this is a bit difficult but with continuity and work you will discover that it will be very easy I hope you like this article don’t forget to share with your friends and also we will update this article when I get more info.


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