Pixielogo Local Edition Review – Create And Sell Logos And Make MASSIVE Profits From Your Business And That Of Your Customers

Pixielogo Local Edition Review

Create And Sell Logos And Make MASSIVE Profits From Your Business And That Of Your Customers

Pixielogo Local Edition Review – Introduction

Pixielogo Local Edition Review Box

Hi I’m Moha! Welcome Back Again With Pixielogo Local Edition Review

Amazon, Lamborghini, Apple, Alibaba, ebay, Trip advisor, priceline, Yandex, bluenile….do you know what these companies have in common…apart from being multi billion dollar companies…

If you ever check out their websites…you’ll see that they don’t talk about their products and services. They don’t tell their customers how good their products are…

…instead, they SHOW how good their products are. 90% of their websites are full of visuals. 

Stunning LOGOS..

Colorful designs.

Fascinating logos that instantly  hook their visitors and literally hold them by the hand to intelligently lead them to the call-to-action button…

…all the while helping visitors create an image of them using that product in near future and feeling good about themselves.

That is the power of GOOD LOGOS

BIG businesses invest millions of dollars every year in good designs and logos…because they understand the secret to capture their visitors imagination and put their product right at the center of it.

And using great visuals isn’t a genius idea – for whoever first came up with it. Fact is…it’s pure common sense. And it has been around since ages.

This is where Pixielogo comes in…

Pixielogo Local Edition Rating
  • 9.5/10
    EASY TO USE - 9.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    PRICE - 9.5/10
  • 9.6/10
    QUALITY - 9.6/10
  • 9.7/10
    FEATURES - 9.7/10
  • 9.5/10
    BONUSES - 9.5/10



  • No Experience required & Skills
  • Easy to use & Affordable Price
  • 5,000+ Premium Templates in over 70 Business Niches
  • Massive Bonuses
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Monthly Fees
  • With Commercial License included


  • There is none – Everything is Ideal

Pixielogo Local Edition Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Danny Adetunji et al
  • Product: Pixielogo Local Edition
  • Launch Date: 2019-Aug-31
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price:  $37
  • Niche: Software
  • Refund:    YES, 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Bonuses:    YES, HUGE BONUS
  • Official site:  Click here
  • Recommended:    Highly Recommended

Pixielogo Local Edition Review – What Is Pixielogo Local Edition?

Pixielogo Local Edition is a premium branding tool that helps you to Create Stunning Logos and Graphics with Fully Automated Cloud Based Designing Suite

What’s Inside  Pixielogo Local Edition

  • Added 5,000+ More Premium Templates in different local niches for different businesses (Please each of these bullets should come with its on icons to bring out its beauty
  • 500,000 brand new icons added to the library
  • Comes with 500 Facebook Ad and 500 Twitter Ad ideas, they could swipe to target local business owners online with their Local Design Services
  • 2 DFY Animated Videos you can use with any of your video software you have already-take any advertise on Facebook to sell your logo services leveraging Pixielogo Local
  • Auto-Generate Brand Mockups Designs

Pixielogo Local Edition Review

Pixielogo Local Edition Review – About the Creator?

Pixielogo Local Edition Review

Daniel Adetunji – Managing Director of Soundcode Concepts, an Internet Marketing and Consulting company located in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2015 alone, he is generated an excess of over $250,000 through his softwares, products; on which currently has over 2,000 daily users: various products and programs, geared towards helping marketers drive traffic, build email subscribers and make sales online.

Pixielogo Local Edition Review – Features & Benefits?

Let’s dive-in a Little Deeper And Explore This Amazing Tool

2000+ logo templates

  • One thing you’re never going to fall short of are choices…there are more than 2000 jaw-dropping fully editable templates to choose from. Whatever you can imagine (and more)… you can find here.

    Use these to create as many logos and mock-ups for your business and for your clients too. Charge per design and make massive money.

AI asisted Logo Editor

  • This tool is for designers as well for Marketers…I agree the Marketer in you cannot create a design, but can sure as hell tell the winner when he sees one. The Artificial Intelligence is there to make ‘designing a stunning logo’ – click-easy.

    Local businesses would be happy to pay any price you may ask…because when they the designs they’d be sure you are a BIG-league designer with a full team of professionals working for you. (Shhhh…don’t tell them it takes you less than 60 seconds to create these)

1.5 million+ logo icons

  • There are icons available for every keyword you can think of…in any market, any niche for whatever kind of a product. The best part is that you can choose up to 5 different icons in one go and then try out all of these simultaneously to decide which one looks the best.
  • Pixielogo generates instant mockup using your completed logo designs. The mockups are ready for download. Just one-click and you can generate T-Shirt Mockup, Business Card Mockup, Facebook Mockup, iPhone Mockup, Letterhead Mockup, Mug Mockup, Software Box Mockup and Ecover Mockup. 

Team Share

  • Share your designs with teammates and collaborate on projects right inside Pixielogo. No more headaches of downloading and sending designs to team members to get their opinions on it. No need for them to take screenshots and suggest changes. Everything can be done right inside your cloud-based dashboard itself.

  • Add clients for an ongoing project to show them what you have in mind and get their approvals and/or suggestions.

Monthly update of Templates

  • The Pixelogo team is a full-time logo designer company. This is who we are and this is what we do. Imagining and creating stunning designs is ‘OUR’ thing. Every day, every week, every month…our team works full-time to come up with designs and add them to the in-built library. This is an ongoing process. 

    You get fresh templates every month added to your account…ready to be used to create logos for your business and that of your clients’. 

High quality downlord files

  • Once you have created the designs it is up to you how you want to use them. You can save them under different project names right inside the software or download them in transparent PNG, PDF, HQ Vector, print ready formats and brand mockups.

Over 1000+ fonts

  • There are more than 1000 fonts available for you to use. And you also have the option of adding your own fonts if you’d like. Again…with just one-click, the AI assisted tool shows you variations in different fonts so that you can compare and choose instantly.

Pixielogo University

  • This tool is completely newbie friendly. Today when you start this new logo design business as a side hustle, you will get access to a complete training portal where expert brand designers teach you key concepts of branding, logo designing, client acquisition, client relationship and more…right inside your Pixielogo dashboard.

Easy client management

  • Sort your designs into client folders and categories for easy referencing: You can now create UNLIMITED number of stunning designs and sort and save them under separate project names in different folders right inside the platform.

Pixielogo Local Edition Review – How Does Pixielogo Local Edition Work?

Step#1: Select A Template Or An Empty Canvas

  • There are 2000+ logo templates to choose from. These templates are created by a team of highly creative designers (basically these are the guys who can manage to make ALL the 3 above mentioned networks in the brain to work together somehow… I wish I could share their brain MRIs here – but that information is confidential and classified ).

    You can even choose an empty canvas and create something on your own – but the good news is – our Artificial Intelligence ensures you don’t need to be crazy or have 3 different brain networks to work simultaneously for you to create stunning designs.

Pixielogo Local Edition Review

Step#2: Type in the keyword and edit the template

  • This is where the AI comes into play. Just type in the keywords related to your product, market or niche and the system will generate thousands of icons from our in-built library of 1.5 Million Icons in different variations for you to choose from. Edit the chosen template or icon…and watch the changes in ‘real time’ to create the exact icon you wanted or something even better than that.

Pixielogo Local Edition Review

Step#3: Save, download and print your logos

  • Now just hit a button and save, download and/or print your designs WITHOUT any additional fee in different formats.

    You can even share your designs with your team with just a click of a button by adding them on to the projects on the same platform. This is something never seen before on any other platform.

Pixielogo Local Edition Review


Pixielogo Local Edition Review – Who Should Buy Pixielogo Local Edition?

If you work in any Online Business who is doesn’t need to Create Stunning Logos and Graphics? to attract their customers and it doesn’t Reasonable to hire a freelancer every time to do it instead of you and cost you a lot of money that you can keep it so this is a reason why Pixielogo Local Edition has been created


  • Ecommerce marketers
  • Social media marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Business Owners
  • Video Agency
  • Bloggers / Content marketers

Not a requirement to be included in the list If you think you need Pixielogo Local Edition and will benefit you in your work you should use it.

Pixielogo Local Edition Review – Price and Evaluation?

Right now, you can take Pixielogo Local Edition home for just ($37-47) in FE price, Sound like a reasonable deal, don’t you agree?

I think it is the lowest cost to invest to get an efficient business. Besides, it is the forever ticket to an excellent source to make your own business and make clients.

FE – Pixielogo Local ($37-47) >> More Details <<

  • 200 Templates
  • Comes with 500 Facebook Ad and 500 Twitter Ad ideas, they could swipe to target local business owners online with their Local Design Services
  • DFY Business Cards to sell your Logo cards to offline businesses
  • Editable Powerful Powerpoint Proposal to pitch logo services
  • 2 DFY Animated Videos you can use with any of your video software you have already-take any advertise on Facebook to sell your logo services leveraging Pixielogo Local

OTO 1 ($47-67) >> More Details <<

  • 3000+ Niche templates
  • 50 new designs monthly

OTO 2 ($47-67): Agency Toolkit >> More Details <<

  • Websites
  • business portfolio
  • Sales video
  • Fivver gig templates
  • email swipes

OTO3 ($197-297): Pixielogo Local Agency: DFY Logo Creation Business. Turnkey business >> More Details <<

where we set-up everything for the customer and hand them over a logo design business that can cater for local businesses

Please Don’t buy OTOs lonely, you will receive nothing and it takes your time to request for a refund so you must buy FRONT-END firstly after that buy UPSELLS if you want.

Pixielogo Local Edition Review – Conclusion

Pixielocal has a fast-growing tribe of customers who absolutely love using it to create original designs at last…that are relevant to their products..without the fear of Copyrights issues, without any technical skills, without any designing & coding skills..heck…even without any long learning curve.

Your small investment is backed by our iron-clad 30-day money guarantee. Try Pixielogo Local Edition and if you aren’t absolutely blown away with what you can do with it, feel free to reach out within 30 days and get your money back right away.

Finally, you have come to the end of Pixielogo Local Edition Review. Thank you so much for your time. I hope you found my review is useful and benefit from it to your business.


Pixielogo Local Edition Review

Pixielogo Local Edition Review



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